Mission Statement

To be the best producer of the highest and most consistent quality of local and halal certified beef, veal, lamb, and goat products in Ontario.

By Ensuring:
  • High standards of the workplace and employee safety
  • Full government inspection to guarantee traceable food safety
  • To be always consistent, trusting, and honest
  • Efficient, committed employees providing excellent customer service
At Parkhill Meats

We come every day to work with a mind state of what we can do of what we do better for our employees, customer and suppliers. This has enabled us to continue to grow our trust and respect for all of our stakeholders. Our main reason to exist is to provide our customers with the best high-quality meat that is halal certified. We do so by ensuring that our employees are safe and well equipped, our produced is high quality not only in taste but also is safe for consumption and traceable

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